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Daily Horoscope: Find out what the stars have in store for you today—March 15, 2019

Sundeep Kochar | Mar 15, 2019, 06:43 AM IST

Medicate deeply today. Thank the Supreme Being for all the things bestowed to you. You are self-made and optimist person. Face challenges with smile and optimism. Take things in your stride today. Try avoiding any new ventures or investments.


You will be centre of attention today. Beware of opposite sex as your personality will create undue attention and they will be charmed with your personality. You will lead some next project and will gain some laurels. Overall a nice state to be in.


You will win honours and luck today and be grounded and not carried away with success. Make sure that your people get a chance to see you say yes to a plan you had once said no to. Be adaptable and try to be romantic and not structured and disciplined with your loved ones.


Things move favourable on both the professional and academic fronts. Today you are blessed on romantic front and charm your way. You will be closer to your father and seek his advice of many matters.


Be careful, cautious, deliberate and consult the people you trust before making major decisions in matters relating to profession, finance and others. Confidence is the key and your methodical approach should keep you going strong.


You feel you are top of the world today. You will be having all the luck and will be associated with people of power. Don’t go overboard and be grounded. Time to spend quality time with your loved ones.


There is a possibility that you may contemplate starting a business-related thing. Today you will have an eye for beautiful and outlandish things. Exercise patience on the academic front to get what you want. You may be packing your bags for a short trip.


It may not be prudent today to take an important action without consulting others. Chill and spend time with family and loved ones. They need your attention at least once a while. Try avoiding investing in any new ventures today.


You need to double your efforts and work harder to get out of any trouble coming your way. Your amazing, positive energy should protect you from most problems. Your diplomacy skills will be tested as people surrounding you may not be willing to cooperate.


Today is the day you use your diplomacy to win over friends and loved ones. Today is the day you should use your intellect and wit to avoid conflicts in your profession. Today is the day you should use your judgement and carefully plan any new deals. Challenge yourself on all the opportunities thrown at you.


There is so much happening on all fronts that you may forgot to thank almighty. Meditate, take a break and thank for all the good things given to you. Success breeds success and overconfidence. Be grounded.


Emotions will be running high. Chill and relax and you will see calmness all over. Your children and younger ones will be your focus today. Take a break if needed to gain your energy.

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