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Photo Gallery: Daily Horoscope: Find out what the stars have in store for you - January 12, 2019

Sundeep Kochar | Jan 12, 2019, 07:47 AM IST

You will win your friends and enemies through your diplomacy, intellect and witty communication. Your leadership skills are appreciated and people want to follow you. You will be darling and highly attractive to the opposite sex and you may end up in some romantic liaisons. Travel for short assignment is on cards.


Even in adversity, you will find a path to relaxation and excitement which will make even your enemies appreciate your mental make- up. You should take care of your health which may be a matter of concern. Your romance life will be interesting and for those who are still in a relationship, it is an appropriate time to make the relationship official and legal.


You will be at full throttle and will show yourself as a strong leader which will gain appreciation from your peers and friends. Your family will look up to you for advice and overall you will find yourself at the top of the world. Your partner will listen to you and will accept your power and this is the time you need to sensible and not become overbearing in your approach. 


Your planning, methodical approach and your intelligence will be appreciated and acknowledge by people in power and influence. You may be rewarded or recognized and given an important role in new assignment and it may be a life-changing experience for few. Romance is on the cards and plays your cards well to win the heart of the person you are in love with


You want to control every act of yours but you will be surprised the number of events happening thick and fast that you will find too short a time to manage. You need to ensure that you only focus on things that matter the most and work in its completion. Overall an interesting day that will keep busy and on tenterhooks all the time.


You will find you are having a field run today and all the things you want to implement will come naturally to you. Be careful and do not become too arrogant in your approach. Your lady love is waiting for you and it may be a good time to show your romantic side and win your partners heart.


You should lie low today as you find many of your things are not happening in according to the plan. You will need to be away for time being to understand what you need and then work towards it. Take decisions carefully and maximize returns with matters that are finance related.


You will be focusing on spiritual matters and will like to go on a long journey in search of higher truth. It is not a bad state to be in though you will be emotionally charged up. It is good to take advice from all the elders as they may give some tips to manage the conflict between materialistic and spiritualistic goals.


The day does not seem to be your best one, pull up your socks to tackle it properly. A general dissatisfaction in your outlook and a distracted mood throughout the day may keep you mentally busy. Imagination / socializing is in top gears, speeding away in full glory.


Be careful in your investments and see that your excitement does not pull your success easily. Enjoy the peaceful romance with your loved ones. You may need to find some motivation factor to keep things going on and risky investments are the only way to keep you motivated but that is also very risky. You need to tread carefully


Travel is in cards. Romance is in air and success in a career for those who have worked sincerely towards it. Try not to short cut in many areas as it may backfire you. Be calm and composed. Share your emotions with your loved ones as they are a pillar of your strength. Meditate to find inner peace.

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