Photo Gallery: Daily Horoscope: Find out what the stars have in store for you today—December 8, 2018

Sundeep Kochar | Dec 08, 2018, 06:53 AM IST

You should become more relaxed and accommodating to maximise your returns. Go out with your friends or your partner and have some relishing dinner. You will be tired and lethargic today..


You will seek answers for various events of life through occult or mystic sciences. It is time to introspect and reflect about your strengths and set new goals in life. You are poised for a great activity and start planning for it from now on.


You will be optimistic and have a positive outlook today. You want to start some initiative and make sure you be part of it till the initiative is completed. You will be in midst of influential people and will charm your way out. Your diplomacy will win over your opponents and you will be relaxing in success.


People want to follow you today and will look for your direction. Your emotive appeal will gain attention. Be wary of opposite sex. You will be find success in both professional and personal field. You will have good health and overall you will have good day.


Overall a good day for you. Your loved ones will be supportive and be part of your work. You may win over your opponents and your friends will stand with you. You may be in for a family gathering.


You need to work cautiously and thread carefully on all your major initiatives. Take a step back and check if you are not losing the plot. You may be in for a surprise from your younger siblings. Time to spend some quality time with your loved ones.


You need to go on a long cruise now is the time. You will centre of attention and you will win over your enemies and friends alike. Success and results will come naturally to you today and you may be in good times.


You will be attracting people of opposite sex who will be fascinated with your methodical approach and careful planning qualities. You may spend more time with your friends and near and dear ones. Try to start something new and you may succeed if you put heart and mind to it.


Keep open to fresh and new ideas and it may be handy while communicating with influential people today. Parties, amusement and interaction at highest circle are in cards for you today. You are more likely to fall sick and suffer indigestion. Today is time to contemplate. Spend time with your loved ones and try to understand them better as you are taking a break.


Your tendency to lose interest in any of task midway has resulted in not realising your true potential. You may try to win hearts of opposite sex but try to focus on your goals. If you really need to get motivated, try to give away from daily routine and contemplate. Overall thoughtful day for you.


You may feel you have done enough hunting and want to take rest and enjoy the fruits of labour. It is not a bad state of mind to be in. Just go for a short break and feel re-energized Your stubbornness will impede your growth and will stop you from winning over your opponents. Just be careful when investing in risky real estate businesses.


Mentally you will be calculating multiple possibilities of making money and emotionally you will be focusing on your loved ones. You should go out for drink or spend some nice and romantic outing with your loved ones in the evening to de-stress yourself. Be relaxed and rest well today. Overall you will be very active today and very busy

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