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Photo Gallery: Find out what the stars have in store for you - April 14, 2019

Sundeep Kochar | Apr 14, 2019, 06:53 AM IST

You may have to face a situation where in you must make choices. It will be tough to choose as you will find all the alternatives are viable and doable. Take a leap of faith and choose one of the ideas. You may want to consult with your partner or parents just in case you still are unsure of the choices you need to make.


For all singles, today may be a day where you will find your soul mate just do not go and force yourself. Your stars may indicate that you can find some good business prospects and those in business especially in the field of trading may do well.


Be careful with your speech as it may hurt some of the people who are close to you. People who are in the field of writing, journalism and drama should see good success today if they do not hurt others. Don't forget the suggestions of your elder, as it would be very crucial & valuable to your success.


An impromptu gathering including some neighbours could take place today. Your household could be a happy place tonight. You must take care of health to regain your energy. It is probably best to take a philosophical attitude to the and allow time its own course.


You need to avoid making the mistake of judging people according to how they acted in the past. Business is at a standstill due to matters out of your control. But don’t get discouraged.

Difference at home could easily come to the surface. But this is the right time to strengthen relationship with romantic partners.


Ensure you address all the legal matters that are due to avoid any problems in future with authorities. Do not ignore the matters related to payments, law and document work.

You could easily find that you are involved in a whole new ballgame today and be ready for the new challenges.


Try to avoid taking alcohol if you are going for a social gathering. Today your senses may not be in your control and it is good to be grounded. Try to careful when you sign any legal documents. Seek advice from your partner as the partner will keep you grounded and ensure you are not losing the plot.


Your fighting spirit would bring positive results which might be less active presently. If you are into trading you can expect some new ventures and agreements signed. Love life for scorpions would bring enhancement in emotional behaviour. This could be due to any of the reasons – lack of time, availability or will.


There will be a finance issue for you and the energy generated by stars would push in the right direct to gains. Creativity is your asset and it would help you in making better decisions. Just be grounded and ensure you are not falling sick because of overindulgence in food


For those in research and analytical activities may drop everything and focus on some key idea or action that will bring success. For the rest, be careful to drop everything especially the things that needs to be taken care of at home. Those who neglect beware of the wrath from your partner for taking things too lightly


Take the initiative and listen to your intuitions; this would surely shower effective results.

The day is promising you to give you a higher confidence level with healthier relationships You may need to make a lot of calls, see too many people, or execute some rather tedious paperwork.


Step outside in the morning for fresh air. This will calm you and help you stay sane. If you have a hectic day ahead, stay cantered. Getting flustered can exacerbate your pain. It's hard to stay cantered; your mind is on something wonderful that's happening for you today

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