Photo Gallery: Find out what the stars have in store for you today- November 18, 2019

Sundeep Kochar | Nov 18, 2019, 08:07 AM IST

When was the last time you found yourself flirting around and exploring? Well, today is the day to do so. Put all the serious things aside and dive a little deeper into your love life. Go out and meet new people, be flirtatious and enjoy the day charming people’s socks off.


You’ve got a grasp on your leadership skills today. You will find yourself wanting to boss people around, but in a good way. You have a talent for leading a team - so make sure you put this to good use. Put your best foot forward and lead your team.


Your wallet isn’t going to get you anywhere if you don’t start saving your money. You need to save for the future, and by spending everything in one place, there's no way you can do that. The best thing to do is when you get your paycheck, put your savings aside. Today, spend only on necessities like food and gas.


Do not be surprised if something negative comes across you today. Everyone has bad days, but this doesn’t mean that it’s going to last forever. Even though you might not be having the best day today, it doesn’t mean you should get your hopes down. Focus on the good things in life.


Roles and responsibilities shift all the time, someone or the other is always taking charge here and there. New roles at your workplace might bring you a little bit of insecurity as others might be given a leadership position that you’ve been wanting. But don’t worry, just keep your patience because there is something better in store for you.


Today you’ll feel like the entire world is against you. Things might not be fair towards you, and this will get you agitated. The best thing to do today is to stand up for yourself. Say what you believe in, voice out your opinions and others are bound to understand. Make sure you don’t get taken advantage of.


Yes, we know it’s difficult to expose yourself emotionally, but you need to understand that if you don’t let people in then you’ll never get the closeness you want. Today, reach out to someone close to you and open up to them about how you’re feeling.


People around you are going to be sticking to strictly business today - and you’re going to be feeling opposite and are going to want to have some fun. Step out of your work environment and go meet people in more engaging and fun environments.


After a long, boring day, you’ll find fun at home. This could either be you hosting a get together at your house or having unexpected guests who will enlighten your day. So be prepared for a night of socialising and relaxing.


Today you might find yourself under someone with more authority than you. However, lucky for you, they don’t want to make your life difficult. Infact, they need you and your talent to complete a project. So believe in your talent and your skills and don’t feel dow


One thing is for sure, you’re not going to be bored today. You’ll find fun at work, at home, and wherever else you go. So this is a good day to let yourself go and enjoy. Boredom isn’t your strong suit, so lucky for you, today it’s not going to slither its way in your life.


There are many ways to connect with someone you want to build a connection with, however, communication is the strongest suit. So make sure you communicate what you’re feeling and how you want to take the relationship forward - romantic, or platonic.

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