Ayodhya's Grand Ram Navami Celebrations At Ram Mandir In Pictures

Ayodhya is gearing up for the grand Ram Navami celebrations, the first major religious event since the consecration of Ram Lalla earlier this year. The festivities will include diverse offerings of Bhog Prasad, the Surya Abhishek ritual and more. These celebrations not only signify deep devotion towards Lord Ram but also highlight the cultural richness and inclusivity of Ayodhya's religious traditions.

Surya Abhishek Ritual

Surya Abhishek Ritual

An important ritual scheduled for this occasion is the Surya Abhishek of Lord Ram, it happened for four minutes precisely from 12:00 PM. This ritual holds significance in Hindu tradition, symbolising reverence and worship towards the Sun God as well as for the Ramlalla as he is believed to be a Suryavanshi.

​Inclusive Viewing Experience


The celebration will not be confined to the temple premises alone. About a hundred large LED screens will be set up across Ayodhya, allowing devotees from different parts of the city to witness and participate in the festivities, enhancing the inclusivity of the event.

Extended Darshan Hours


To accommodate the influx of devotees and to ensure everyone gets a chance to participate, the trust organizing the event has extended the duration of 'Darshan' to 19 hours. Starting from the Mangala Aarti, Darshan will continue until 11:00 pm, with only a brief closure of five minutes during the four Bhog offerings. 

Diverse Offering Of Bhog


The upcoming Ram Navami festivities in Ayodhya mark the first major religious event following the consecration of Ram Lalla earlier in the year. As part of the celebrations, devotees will offer 56 types of 'delectable foods' to the idol on the final day of Chaitra Navratri, adding a rich variety to the traditional Bhog Prasad. 

Live Broadcast


Recognising the importance of digital platforms in reaching a wider audience, the trust has announced live broadcasts of the celebrations on their social media accounts. This initiative ensures that those unable to physically attend the event can still partake in the spiritual experience from the comfort of their homes.

Cultural Significance


Ram Navami holds profound cultural significance for millions of devotees worldwide, commemorating the birth of Lord Ram. The elaborate festivities and rituals reflect the deep-rooted reverence and devotion towards the deity.