Happy Holi 2024: What Colours To Wear As Per Your Zodiac Sign

Holi 2024: So while we are preparing to play with colours and celebrate the victory of good over evil, why not make this festival more auspicious by wearing clothes that not only suit your personality, but also match with your Zodiac sign. Here is a style guide to wearing colours as per your zodiac sign.


What Colours To Wear As Per Your Zodiac Sign

What Colours To Wear As Per Your Zodiac Sign

Holi has changed with time, gulaal has been replaced with organic gulaal, sweets have been replaced with healthy desserts, water balloons are a big no-no for our delicate darlings! The only thing which remains the same is the questions on clothes and why not? Everyone wants to look their best on social media even for Holi. Let us have a look at a few options for each Zodiac and if you wish, you can wear these colours on the evening of Holika Dahan and on the day of Dhulandi as shared by Shrsti Thakur , an astrologer , trained under the guidance of Gurudev Shrie Kashyap Ji, an Astrologer, Numerologist, Palmist and Founder of All India Institute of Occult Science.

Aries- Yellow and Light Pink


Ruled by Mars, the colour which best suits the fire sign is red, you can also wear yellow and light pink if you want. Pray to Lord Hanuman on the evening of Holika Dahan, apply the first colour on the day of Dhulandi to Lord Hanuman and seek his blessings.

Taurus- Saffron, Pink, Lavender, Light Blue and White


Ruled by Venus,colours like saffron, pink, lavender, light blue and white will make the festival of colours more blessed for the earth sign. Seek blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and enjoy the day.

Gemini- Green


Ruled by Mercury, this air sign people are suggested to opt for any shade of the colour Green. Offer prayers to Lord Ganesha and enjoy the festivity.

Cancer- White


The sign which is ruled by the Moon has the softest heart among all. This water sign should seek blessings of Goddess Parvati and wear shades of white to enjoy the colours with all their heart.

Leo- Orange, Golden, Copper or Red


Energetic and strong, this fire sign is ruled by the Sun. Leo people can opt for vibrant colours like orange, golden, copper or red and pray to Lord Shiva for their betterment.

Virgo- Light yellow or Off white


This earthy sign is ruled by planet Mercury. Along with the colour green, you can wear colours like light-yellow or off white. It will be best to avoid wearing Red on the day of Holi. Seek blessings of Goddess Saraswati to increase your knowledge and intelligence.

Libra- Lavender, Pink, White


Ruled by Venus, people of this air sign get along with everyone. Seek blessings of Goddess Durga and wear light shades lavender, pink, white to attract good fortune on this festival of colours.

Scorpio- Red


This water sign is ruled by the planet Mars. Seek the divine blessings of Lord Kartikeya and wear any shade of red to enjoy your favourite festival.

Sagittarius- Violet and Purple


Another fire sign, fearless and fierce ruled by the planet Jupiter should seek blessings of the greatest of all, Lord Vishnu and opt for colours like violet and purple to wear and play with in order to make this festival of colours bring positivity into your life.

Capricorn- Black, Blue, Brown or Grey


Saturn rules this earth sign and capricorn people should start their Holi celebration by smearing oil with sesame seeds on the feet of Lord Shani while wearing darker shades like black, blue, brown or grey.

Aquarius- Dark Blue or Green


Ruled by Saturn too, this air sign should pray to Lord Shani and Lord Shiva. They can wear colours like dark blue or green to be a part of the celebrations.

Pisces- Red or Indigo


This water sign is ruled by Jupiter and they can choose to wear colours like yellow, light shades of red or even indigo. Start your day with seeking blessings of Lord Vishnu and enjoy the colours with your family and friends.