New Delhi: Reports about a mysterious object captured flying past the International Space Station (ISS) on NASA’s live feed is doing the rounds on the internet.


Conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring, editor of, shared the footage uploaded by NASA online. Check out the video below!

According to Waring, the large object spotted in NASA footage was an UFO which appeared at the ISS on April 19, 2017, and was coming closer to the space station before fading away.


Space experts say the large cylindrical object was 'partially cloaked' to make it look transparent', making them to believe it could be an alien spacecraft.

It is said that in the past, Mr Waring and other UFO experts have spotted scores of these translucent UFOs in the ISS footage. But they say there has been a major cover up by NASA to deny the existence of alien lif.

The latest UFO claim has been rejected by some experts who said the transparent objects which appear on camera are relfected light from part of the ISS itself, or lens flares - created by sunlight hitting the camera.