PM Modi's Visit: First India-Austria Meet In Vienna After 40 Years, In Pics

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Austria on Wednesday to enhance the bilateral relationship and closer cooperation on the many geopolitical challenges. This is the first visit by an Indian prime minister to Austria in over 40 years, the last being of Indira Gandhi in 1983. PM Modi received a warm welcome after reaching Vienna.


Austria's chancellor shared a selfie with Prime Minister Modi and expressed pleasure in honouring and welcoming him to Austria. He also mentioned that Austria is looking forward to engaging in political and economic discussions.


After landing in Vienna, the Prime Minister shared a welcoming picture and expressed that our nations are bound together by shared values and a commitment to building a better planet.


Prime Minister visited Vienna and shared a memorable picture with Indian citizens leaving there. This bilateral meeting aims to strengthen the friendship between the two countries. 



Modi shared a beautiful video from Austria showing people singing Vande Mataram. The PM also praised Austria's musical culture in his post.



In the picture, Federal Chancellor of the Republic of Austria Karl Nehammer takes a selfie with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Vienna.