Where Do Airplanes Store Their Fuel?

Have you ever wondered where aircraft store their fuel?  The amount of fuel an aeroplane carries depends on factors like aircraft size, weight, and flight duration. For instance, a Boeing 747 burns over a gallon of fuel per second, totaling about 3,804 gallons per hour. 


 Airplane wings often house the majority of the fuel. Some aircraft also have fuel tanks within the body, but placing fuel in the wings offers several advantages, including structural benefits and balance.


 On some long-haul flights, fuel can make up nearly one-third of the total weight of the aircraft. Storing this weight in the main body would leave insufficient space for passengers' luggage.


To maintain structural integrity and maximize space for cargo, fuel is stored in the wings of the aircraft.

Airplane Fuel

Safety is paramount in aviation. Proper fuel management and strategic storage are crucial for maintaining aircraft balance and ensuring safe operations.