Agra Viral Video: Taj View Or Belt View? People Clash In Agra With Belt, Baseball Bat; Watch

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Two men fighting in the middle of an intersection were captured on camera in a recently shared video from Agra, Uttar Pradesh. According to reports, a car and a bike collided to spark the fight. The fact that the males attacked one another with a baseball bat and a belt is concerning. Sadly, in Uttar Pradesh, clashes of this nature are not unusual. The incident that occurred at the Tajganj neighborhood is captured in the video that "Abhikumarlive" posted on social media. On the social media site X (which used to be Twitter), a user named "Abhikumarlive" released the video. The Hindi caption for the post said, "There was a dispute between car riders and bike riders," which is a rough english. Baseball bats and belts battles.Belt going down the Agra streets. Taj View Analysis