DNA: Vehicles outside Congress office in Amethi vandalised

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DNA: When Rahul Gandhi filed nomination from Amethi on May 3, it seemed that all the election excitement of Amethi would now shift to Rae Bareli. But after the vandalism outside the Congress office in Amethi last night, Amethi elections have made a comeback in the discussions. The second reason is that from today Priyanka Gandhi has taken up the campaign to put brakes on BJP in Amethi. A meeting was going on in the Congress office in Gauriganj, Amethi last night. Just then some people arrived outside the office. Cars of Congress workers were parked outside the office. They started breaking the glass of cars with sticks. Hearing the noise, Congress workers came out, but by then the attackers had fled. A police car also stopped behind them. After that the policemen also went in the same direction in which the attackers had fled. Congress alleged that the attackers were people of BJP, and had come to attack under proper police protection.