Disgusting! 'Pani puri' seller caught on camera mixing urine in water - Watch

A street food vendor in Assam's Guwahati has been caughton camera mixing urine in water, the video has gone viral and furious netizens are calling for his arrest.

Disgusting! 'Pani puri' seller caught on camera mixing urine in water - Watch

New Delhi: The love of street food is very common among Indians and even as there are questions raised on the hygiene of the food prepared by these vendors a shocking video has surfaced reigniting the whole conversation. 

In a clip purportedly shot in Guwahati, a vendor is caught in act of mixing 'something' in the water. The 20-second clip captures the man behind the stall, holding a mug and adding its contents to the water jug in front of him.

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The video was shared on Twitter by Mamun Khan.


It is clearly visible in this video that a golgappa wala is mixing urine in the water of golgappa. The video has been widely shared on social media and people are furious at the behaviour. The vendor used to sit at the Athgaon area in Guwahati.

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As per reports, the police was informed of the disgusting act which was caught on camera. The vendor has been arrested. 


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