Missing your ex on Valentine's Day? Here's what you can do

Valentine's can be fun, even for a broken heart. How? Read on!

Missing your ex on Valentine's Day? Here's what you can do
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While some await February 14th with a lot of excitement, there are others who simply dread it. One of the reasons why some people dislike Valentine's Day is that they just had a breakup and end up missing their ex.

If you are among those who feel appalled by Valentine's just because you had a breakup, here are some awesome ways to spend the day. You can very much enjoy Valentine's Day on your own and no, you don't have to sulk with the memories of your ex haunting you.

Valentine's can be fun, even for a broken heart. How? Read on!

1. Plan a date

You've been to dates with that someone but now that you're single, it doesn't mean that you can't go out alone! Who can know you better than yourself? Book a table for one, head out to your favourite place and let solitude be your source of happiness. And if you see some couples in the cafe, wish them love and happiness instead of thinking of your ex. Someone better than them awaits you.

2. Netflix and Chill

If you're too lazy to go out, no need to worry. Netflix and chill is another cool option. It is advisable not to pick out lovey-dovey movies which can make you cry at the end. Instead, try a horror film this time? The thrills of fear are deeper than the thrills of love my friend.

3. Gift yourself

Who needs a boyfriend/girlfriend to get gifts? This Valentine's Day, buy that dress that has been on your mind for so long. Buy those earrings, shoes, or whatever it is that you've wanted for a while. Gift yourself and see how amazing it feels.

4. Develop a hobby

Ever thought of learning to play the guitar or dancing or singing? This might just be the perfect time to develop a hobby and pursue it.

5. Gaming

I know it sounds childish but gaming is one of the best ways to entertain yourself. Grab that console and immerse yourself in an alternate reality. There are a lot of cool games out there that will make you forget all your troubles.

Did that bring a smile on your face already? Imagine how happy you'll be once you try some of these.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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