Rushdie flies to India on a magic carpet!

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Given their tradition of satirizing grave contemporary issues, Amul has come up with ‘No Salaam, Rushdie?’- the latest in line in the Rushdie controversy!

The advertisement depicts Rushdie on a magic carpet, with books strewn beside him and a hat in his hand. Taking a direct lift from the controversial book ‘The Satanic Verses’, where magic realism and dream sequences play a vital role, the ad depicts Rushdie flying over what seems like a dreamy landscape. The tongue-in-cheek comment below reads, “AMUL: For Butter or Verse”.

The author’s impending, and now cancelled visit to the Jaipur LitFest has created a lot of brouhaha over the last few days. And though there might not have been much love lost between the Governments and Salman Rushdie, he’s been immortalized by the Amul banner now.

The neighbouring states (Rajasthan and Gujarat), definitely, do not have much in common – while one curbs the entry of the author; the other gives him access to the country on board a magic carpet, without the fear of being apprehended by hired assassins!

And since Salman’s no “Verse” is being appreciated at the LitFest, may be we need to satiate ourselves with just the ‘butter’, till times are better!