Global jazz festival in the capital from Friday

New Delhi: Top jazz bands from across the world will bring the best of fusion international jazz music March 16-18 at the Delhi Jazz Festival.

Presented by the Indian Council For Cultural Relations (ICCR) and capital-based NGO Seher, the festival will open with Polish band Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet, HFT and the Louiz Banks Matrixx at the Nehru Park, the ICCR said in a statement.

The festival will also host new bands like Dini Virsaladze Quartet from Georgia, Moonarra from India, Eol Trio from France, the Bica-Daerr-Stick Trio (Germany), Magos Herrera from Mexico and the Elkano Browing Cream from Spain.

The festival, like last year, will be webacast on all the three days so that people from across the world can watch in cyber space.

ICCR said more than 8,500 people in 21 countries watched the festival on the web in 2011.

"The success of the first Delhi International Jazz Festival attended by about 10,000 people in Nehru Park has inspired the second Delhi International Jazz Festival at the same venue. It has established beyond doubt that the Delhi audience has a very broad horizon and taste for music," ICCR director general Suresh Goel said.