Sharman learns to toss egg omelette

Mumbai: Actors often undertake diction lessons and special workshops to perfect their characters, but Sharman Joshi, who plays a single parent to a 10-year-old child in his upcoming film ‘Ferrari Ki Sawaari’, learnt to make and toss egg-omelette.

According to a source, Sharman had to execute each domestic task for his home which also included cooking breakfast for the family for a scene in the film.

The shoot demanded him to make an egg-omelette and flip it over multiple times. Alas, Sharman didn`t even know how to break an egg for starters.

To give his 100 percent to the shoot, he made it a point to practice cooking egg-omelette at least twice a day. He practiced for five days and learnt the art of breaking eggs evenly, cooking them and also flipping the omelette.

He became so perfect that he completed the shot in one take.

‘Ferrari Ki Sawaari’, produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, will hit screens June 15.