I`ll never ever leave TV for films: Mohit Malik

Mumbai: For most TV actors films are the obvious next step, but not for Mohit Malik. Currently seen as Rehan Charles in the show ‘Surveen Guggal’, he says he will not dump small screen for the sake of movies.

"I would love to do films, but I have to have a good role in a film. It`s a matter of good work. And I will never ever leave TV for films," Malik said.

Currently seen as a suave fashion designer in channel V`s show – ‘Surveen Guggal’, he earlier did a negative role in the TV series ‘Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya’.

He also featured in ‘Phulwa’ and ‘Banoo Main Teri Dulhan’.

Talking about his character in ‘Suvreen Duggal’, he said that his track in the show has "just started".

"He comes in as a fashion mentor. He has to take a workshop...I am liking the show," he said and added that his personal fashion statement is "just be comfortable in whatever you wear and carry a smile."

Mohit tries to avoid any kind of repetition when it comes to selecting shows.

"I like to play roles, which are author backed. I have never done family dramas where I just have to stand behind. I don`t see scope in such roles," he said and pointed out that TV actors have to make quick decision about the offers.

"In TV, you don`t have much time to decide. When you get a call, you have to decide fast. You have to follow your gut, plus the role has to be good... I must be doing something (meaty) in the show," he said.

He doesn`t stress over the audience`s reaction.

"I don`t think on those lines. I just do my work and play my character with full conviction and hard work. I don`t think whether it will be accepted or not," he said.

For most TV actors balancing personal and professional life is an uphill task. But Malik, who is married to Aditi Shirwaikar, an actress who featured in shows like ‘Dharampatni’ and ‘Baat Hamari Pakki Hai’, not facing any such problem.

"As an actor she understands lots of things as well. She never complains. She knows I will be busy. When I come back from a shoot and if I am stressed, she leaves me alone. She knows I need that time for myself. So we understand each other," he said.