Kaushik brilliant as actor in Laptop: Rahul Bose

Kolkata: Actor Rahul Bose, who plays a businessman separated from his wife in Kaushik Ganguly`s film `Laptop` is all praises about the director while modestly leaving to the audience to judge his role.

"Kaushik is a very fine actor. He has a certain view of acting and he has given the finest performance in the film, which tells the story of a laptop changing hands," Rahul said during the premiere of the film last Friday.

"He is simply brilliant as an actor, even better than a director," he said about the film which received was loved by the audience at the Dubai Film Festival.

Speaking about the filming, Rahul said he suggested to the director that some shots be taken three or four times to get a perfect one, which sometimes slowed down the process.

"But I said, `Kaushik, it is a film and not a serial`," Rahul recalled.

Asked how much space the director gave to his cast in `Laptop`, Rahul said, "Kaushik gives lot of freedom to his actors. He indulges his actors."

Asked about his role, Rahul said, "He is a businessman separated from his wife. The laptop ends up with him one day and his story is interlinked with three other stories."

Kaushik, who plays a blind writer, said, "I never felt any pressure. I have a friend from the Narendrapur Blind Boys` Academy and I followed his movements."

Kaushik said that he had earlier offered the role to director Goutam Ghosh and actor Mithun Chakraborty.

"But while Goutamda had other commitments, Mithun had date problems. I then decided to do it myself as requested by my team."

He said that the blind singer Sadhan Gupta was related to him from his wife Churni`s side.

Ananya Chatterjee, who received the national award for `Abohoman` in 2010, termed Koushik`s performance as `awesome`.

"I was amazed to see him delivering the shots in a relaxed way."

"Kaushikda performed better than me. It becomes difficult if you have to rate Koushikda as actor or director. He came across so naturally, so marvellously as an actor," she added.

Talking about the film, Kaushik said, "Laptop is a tale of relationships. I like stories on relationships. A laptop, having its own memory, is the real protagonist in my film."

The laptop remained a witness to four families and their lives as a storehouse of memory, while changing hands, the director said.

He said the film was possible because of producers Brandvalue Communications "who never interfered in the scripting and casting process and I could do my job independently."

Speaking about alternating between different genres of films, he said, "After IFFI-silver peacock winner Arekti Premer Galpo (Just another Love story) which starred director Rituparno Ghosh and dwelt on people belonging to the third gender, I made `Rangmilanti`, a frothy kind of film and yet serious about relationships among youth."

He said he would take up a subject which would not tax minds for his next project then deal with his pending project.

Rahul said he knew about Kaushik`s next film.

"I know his next work (script) is ready. It is a brilliant one. I am sure once made, it will be a perfect film. He is capable of more such films," the actor said.

Rahul, who has worked with directors like Aparna Sen in `Mr & Mrs Iyer` (2002), `15 Park Avenue` (2005) and `The Japanese Wife` (2010) and Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury in `Anuranan` (2006) and `Antaheen` (2009), would turn up in Suman Mukhopadhyay`s `Sesher Kabita` based on Rabindranath Tagore`s eponymous work opposite Konkona Sensharma.