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Love, sex, dhoka: Facebook friend, accomplices kill friend's wife's paramour

The victim was allegedly involved in an illicit relationship with the wife of one of the accused.

Love, sex, dhoka: Facebook friend, accomplices kill friend's wife's paramour
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A group of friends in Bihar's Darbhanga meticulously planned and killed a man who was allegedly in an illicit relationship with the wife of one of them. Darbhanga police claimed that one of men involved in the crime befriended the victim identified as Aman on Facebook to execute the plan to eliminate him.
Aman was a student living in Darbhanga and his burnt body was found on February 12. Initially his body remained unidentified and police had almost given up on the case. Preliminary investigation seemed to indicate that the murder was carried out by a professional killer. But finally a mobile number helped police in cracking the case.

According to police, Aman was reportedly in a relationship with a girl but she got married to one Jitendra Singh alias Azad. However, the two kept on meeting and were soon in an illicit relationship.
When Jitendra got to know about the same, he decided to kill Aman and roped in two of his friends living in Mumbai - Sunil Kumar and Balram Singh - to carry out the crime. Jitendra asked Sunil to send a Facebook friend request to Aman.
Once Aman accepted the friend request, Sunil started to chat with him on a regular basis. Once Aman and Sunil become close friends, Jitendra asked his friends to reach Darbhanga. He also sent the flight tickets for Sunil and Balram.
The trio then went to a crematorium to finalise the area to carry out the crime. Jitendra gave a huge amount of money and a car to Sunil to entertain Aman, who was happy to meet his Facebook friend in person. But Sunil was also careful not to take his mobile phone with him during his meetings with Aman. He always left the mobile at home to avoid suspicion.

On the day of the murder, Jitendra went to the crematorium on a motorcycle while Sunil, Balram and one more accomplice Vinod met Aman. The four of them drank liquor, ate pizza and then took Aman to the crematorium.
Aman was almost unconscious after drinking a lot. Balram injected a sleep inducing drug into Aman. Sunil then took out a pistol and fired at Aman but the weapon jammed. Jitendra took out a plastic rope and strangulated Aman. They then stripped Aman naked and poured petrol on his body and set it on fire. To mislead police, they also left a love letter in the name of an unknown girl. Locals informed the police about the burnt body next morning but the body remained unidentified for the next six days.
Aman's mobile phone was taken by police officers for investigation and they also checked his social media account which led them to Sunil. 

Initially there was no proof of Sunil's involvement in the crime and he was let off. But Sunil's mobile call details revealed that he was in touch with Jitendra. The mobile location details also showed that both of them were present near the spot where the body was found.
Sunil was interrogated again and he revealed the entire plan. Police then arrested Sunil, Balram and Vinod, and also recovered the weapons involved in killing Aman. Jitendra is still on the run.