ISIS beheads five youths suspected of working as spies in Syria

The Islamic State executed five youths on accusations they were spying within the ISIS-controlled territory. 

Cairo: Banned militant outfit the Islamic State (ISIS) on Saturday beheaded five young persons in the central province of Homs of Syria.

The terror group suspected them of working as spies for rival rebel factions, a British war monitoring group told media.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said ISIS released a video showing the murders in a desert area in southeastern Homs, with the five victims shown to be handcuffed and inside sacks, Efe news agency reported.

ISIS released the footage showing the captured youths, who acknowledged they had been in contact with two insurgent groups to work as 'spies' and offered information on the positions of the terrorist organisation in the areas of al-Alianiya and Badiyat Homs.

The youths were beheaded by IS militants after their apparent confession.

SOHR also reported warplanes and helicopters continued attacks on areas taken on Wednesday and Thursday by IS in the eastern districts of Homs.