20 modern Indian names for baby boys and girls and their meanings - check name list

Unique Indian names for baby boys and girls: Go through this list of unique, modern names and choose the perfect one for your baby boy or girl

20 modern Indian names for baby boys and girls and their meanings - check name list

Names of baby boys and girls: Are you soon expecting your newborn, or you are a new parent? Then selecting a name for your child will be at the top of your mind. All parents want to select a beautiful name that they hope will encompass their child's personality. In Indian culture, a child naming ceremony also holds supreme significance. So how does one go about selecting a name for their child? Parents usually settle on a letter that they want their child's name to start with it. At times, it matches the first letter of either of the parents' names and sometimes there's no connection - it might be simply a favourite letter of the parent or probably an astrologer or priest's suggestion. Whatever the case, our name is our identity, so parents put a lot of thought behind naming their kids. Let's check out 20 options for Indian baby names - 10 each for girls and boys.

Unique Indian baby boys' names 

1) Aadi: It stands for the very beginning and is a boy's name

2) Advait: Someone who has no equivalent, someone unmatched. It's also another name for Brahma and Vishnu. 

3) Bhavish: Future, Lord of Existence, Supreme being who is the source of Life

4) Ekansh: Whole, one, complete, absolute

5) Gaurav: Honour, pride

6) Rishaan: Refers to Lord Shiva; it can indicate a good human being, a seeker of enlightenment

7) Raahithya: A person who's prosperous

8) Samarth: Someone who is powerful

9) Prayan: Intelligence, excellence, brilliance

10) Maahir: Expert, brave

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Unique Indian baby girls' names 

1) Anvika: It means powerful and complete, the powerful and strong one

2) Aabheri: A Raaga in Indian music

3) Briti: The name stands for strength; also a flower

4) Faguni: Beautiful; someone born in Falgun (a month in the Hindu calendar)

5) Haarika: Someone who's associated with Lord Venkateswara, Goddess Parvati.

6) Misha: Happy for their entire life; 'message bearer from God'

7) Navya: One who's worth praising

8) Padmaja: One born from the lotus

9) Raagavi: One who sings with Raaga, God of Raghavendra

10) Saara: A girl who is precious

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