Zodiac Special: Things to know about Libra in a relationship

Libras are known for maintaining the balance in the relationship

Zodiac Special: Things to know about Libra in a relationship
Image Courtesy: Pixabay (Image used for representation purpose only)

When it comes to relationships, no two people are alike. Everyone has different traits which one only gets to know about with time. However, certain traits are central to every zodiac which can help you in knowing which one is most compatible with you. Exceptions are there of course but generally, people born under certain zodiacs are known to show these traits.

Today, let's have a look at how it feels like to date a Libra Man/Woman.

Libra man in a relationship

Libra men are known for maintaining the balance in the relationship. They are one of the most faithful signs of the zodiac and value loyalty the most. In a serious relationship, this is one man who would never cheat on you. They also love to make new connections and are always up for a social gathering. One thing that you must not expect from this man is to stop living his life and make you the centre of his world. He will run if you try to invade his personal space, so watch out! Libra men are generous and simply hate arguing. They will have no trouble apologising if they are at fault. However, the apology might be a little delayed. They love to pamper their partners and will plan out cute little surprises for you time to time. If you earn the love of a Libra, hold on to them because you will have some of the best times of your life in their company!

Libra woman in a relationship

Fierce, independent, with zero tolerance to injustice, the calm and composed Libra woman will make life heaven for you, only if you treat her right. Be loyal, and she'll be the same. Put in your 100% and she will put in the same. But if you mistreat or ignore her, well, nobody can really save you! She will not be afraid to walk out of a relationship that doesn't add meaning to her life. The Libra woman knows what to say and when to say it. You might have done something wrong but she won't tell you until all the little things pile up and really bother her. She will shower you with immense care, support and will never intrude in your personal space. She knows the value of a little space in a relationship and is the one to keep things exciting. Like the Libra male, she will take time out to plan little surprises for you and will make you feel like a king. All relationships have arguments, but the Libra woman knows well how to handle them!