Hulkenberg expects Force India to deliver in Monaco GP

Monte Carlo: F1 driver Nico Hulkenberg is looking to continue his good run in Monaco and said the updates that his team Force India brought to the Spanish Grand Prix last week will help them to do well this weekend.

Hulkenberg had finished in top-10 with a timing of 1:39:09.709 at Catalunya Circuit last week and said he is up for the challenge this weekend.

"I enjoy the challenge of Monaco. There`s no part of the lap where you can relax for a second ? even the main straight is not really a straight," he said.

"I do like street racing in general because you need to grow with the car over the sessions to find the limits. If you get it right you`re only a few centimetres from the barrier so there`s no margin for error."

The 24-year-old German, however, said there is still work to be done before he hits the streets of Monaco.

"I think we have taken a good step forward with the developments we made for Spain and they will continue to help us in Monaco," he said.

"We still have work to do to understand and fine-tune them along with the set-up, so that is something the team is working on. When you see how close the teams around us are it can really make a difference to find even the smallest gain," he added.

Force India co-owner Vijay Mallya also hoped his team keep progressing even though he is aware of the tough competition level in Formula 1 this year.

"I would love to see us performing well this weekend and challenging for points once again," Mallya said.

"We`ve certainly made progress with the car lately, but the whole grid remains very closely matched. Just a couple of tenths can separate ten positions on the grid so nobody can afford to take anything for granted.

"We also know that Monaco can be an unpredictable race so anything is possible. Our focus will be on making sure we qualify well to get track position for Sunday," he added.