Lock Upp Day 28 written updates: Shocking evictions take place in Kangana Ranaut's jail, Chetan Hansraj, Saisha Shinde eliminated

Two shocking eliminations take place inside Kangana Ranaut's hosted reality show 'Lock Upp'. 

Lock Upp Day 28 written updates: Shocking evictions take place in Kangana Ranaut's jail, Chetan Hansraj, Saisha Shinde eliminated

NEW DELHI: Jailor Karan Kundra enters the jail and speaks with housemates for their protest over insufficient food. He shows old footage of housemates hiding sugar and other food items. He asks Saisha Shinde why did she accuse the makers over food. Saisha says that makers involved food in the task and she didn't like it. Karan tells Saisha to play her game whereas the rationing will not be altered.

Karan tells Chetan Hansraj that doctors were afraid to come to him. Chetan says he had asked for painkiller spray but wasn't given one. Karan calls out Chetan for misbehaving and threatening a doctor in the jail. Chetan feels embarrased and issues apology for his behaviour. 

Karan shows him several videos where Chetan Hansraj is seen using cuss words against a doctor. He also questions the actor for targetting a community during his outburst.

Kundrra asks Chetan to meet all the housemates as he has only 1 minute to bid his goodbye to everyone.

Queen Kangana Ranaut questions Saisha Shinde for abusing the guards and the show as her sign of protest. Saisha justifies herself saying she was told that housemates would not face shortage of food during tasks, however it didn't happen so. Kangana says makers or guard did not misbehave with her during her stay and none of the housemates were left empty-stomach.

Saisha again raises her concern that they were not receiving the same amount of ration like they were receiving earlier.

Saisha defame herself about rations getting reduced. She refuses to budge down before Kangana after which the show host Kangana asks her to leave the show, leaving everone shocked. 

Kangana asks Karanvir why he ignited Chetan against the show and makers. She said that Chetan could have almost raised his hand on a doctor. 

Kangana lashes out at Anjali Arora, Poonam Pandey for  physically touching and abusing Payal Rohatgi during tasks. Kangana says both Anjali and Poonam have been showing their 'goonda' side inside the jail. She says Payal definately has emerged as the 'Hero' of the show for this week. 

Kangana says Payal has also emerged as one of the most likable condidates in the show. She lauds her for understanding the game well and also maintaining her calm during heated arguments. 

Kangana asks housemates to not bodyshame Azma Fallah for her height or appearance. Azma tells Kangana that Munawar threatened her to throw her out of the jail and it wasn't said in a funny way. 

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