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Tattoo alert: Reasons why you shouldn't get inked with any religious symbol!

Reasons of why you shouldn't opt for getting a religious tattoo done.

Tattoo alert: Reasons why you shouldn't get inked with any religious symbol!
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New Delhi: Getting a tattoo has almost become a trend these days. Most of the people simply do it for the heck of getting inked, without even realizing it's worth. If you are planning to get a religious tattoo done, then here we bring you some reasons of why you shouldn't opt for it.

Tattoos don't impress God, but your faith does:

If one thinks just by getting inked with some sort of religious symbol, you can really impress god, then you are mistaken. It's not the tattoo. Instead, it is your inner faith that will connect you to the almighty!

Watch over the places where you are getting a tattoo:

Even if you choose to go for a tattoo, then one must think thoroughly about the places where to get yourself inked. Like most of the people go for lower parts of the body and get various idols and religious symbols inked. For example: getting an Om symbol on pot belly or any idol on thighs and bumps. All this makes it derogatory.

Don't mix religious tattoos with fashion statement:

Religious tattoos don't create any fashion statement. Like flaunting a rosary is prohibited in Christianity, similarly flaunting any religious tattoo for the heck of style is actually derogatory.

Avoid getting a religious tattoo on hands:

Imagine when you skip eating non-vegetarian food on days like Tuesdays and Thursdays for religious significance, then why would you want any permanent religious symbols on hand while eating meat?

Moral of the story is to think over a hundred times before getting a religious tattoo done over your body!