Did Hrithik Roshan really snatch the photographer's camera? Find out

Hrithik Roshan snatches the photographer's camera.

Did Hrithik Roshan really snatch the photographer's camera? Find out

New Delhi: Amidst all the legal trouble that the Greek God- Hrithik Roshan is facing, here's yet another controversy that the actor has landed.

Well, this time it's not related to the 'Queen' fame Kangana Ranaut.

As per a report in Indiatimes, Hrithik got irritated by a renowned tabloids's photographer Raju Shelar's behaviour who was clicking some exclusive pictures, while Roshan was shooting a serious sequence of his much talked about Ashutosh Gowariker's directorial venture 'Mohenjo Daro'. Despite continuous warnings from Roshan's bodyguard, Raju didn't stop.

This infuriated the 'Bang-Bang' actor to show some real life action and he confiscated the photographer’s camera who was merely doing his job. He asked the photographer to wait until the shoot gets over.

Though Raju protested by saying that he was doing his job, Hrithik was quick to counter that it would reveal his look in the flick.

Well, that was not the end of the story. As the very next day Hrithik demanded an apology from the tabloid, where as the tabloid refused and rather threatened to file an FIR if Hrithik didn't return the camera.

After all the mess, 'Kaho na Pyaar Hai' actor finally cooled down and returned the camera to the photographer Raju. But we are shocked to learn this completely different side of the actor.