Knee-deep in civic apathy, Mumbaikars turn to humour for relief

Humour may be the best medicine available in Mumbai as the city grapples with civic apathy this monsoon season.

Knee-deep in civic apathy, Mumbaikars turn to humour for relief Smiling through adversity. (IANS Photo)

Carrying out routine and daily tasks on the streets of Mumbai has become an arduous task for locals here with incessant rains taking a toll on rail, air and vehicular traffic. While a public holiday was declared on Tuesday, continuous showers ensured that many parts of the city remained under a deluge of rainwater.

While many have blamed  Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for failing the city and its people yet again, there were also many who saw the lighter side of things under the dark clouds hovering stubbornly over Mumbai's skyline.







Surge pricing by app-based cab aggregators were also targeted as many people were left stranded with no economically viable means of reaching their destinations.







And there can never be any good humour related to Mumbai without an inevitable comparison to Delhi, a city which continues to wait in earnest for monsoon.



While Delhi's wait may persist, it is expected to continue raining for most parts of Tuesday and Wednesday in the Maximum City. People here have been advised not to venture out unless absolutely necessary.