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TRS public rally, highlights: KCR says Telangana won't ever surrender to Delhi leadership

While TRS is looking to highlight its achievements, rival parties are questioning why a significant amount is being spent on the rally when it could have been used for people's welfare.

TRS public rally, highlights: KCR says Telangana won't ever surrender to Delhi leadership
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Telangana Rashtra Samithi event in Ranga Reddy district attracted lakhs of people all day on Sunday. The rally assumed even greater significance because there were talks in political circles that the state could have early elections. Telangana CM KC Rao however said he will announce regarding this once he makes a decision.

Here are the highlights from the rally:

* "In Tamil Nadu, people rule their own state with their leaders. Similarly, we shall retain power and not surrender to Delhi leadership."

* Rao recounts achievements of his government:


* Will KCR dissolve the government? CM KC Rao says that TRS members have given him the opportunity to decide on future of Telangana and that his decision would be revealed in the time to come.

* CM KC Rao arrives to a rousing reception:


* CM KC Rao is God?


* Pragathi Nivedhana Sabha, as the rally is being referred to in Telangana, will see the main events beginning around dusk. 

* TRS flags have been put up all across Kongara Kalan village with some speculation that the number of people attending could be around 25 lakhs.



* CM K Chandrasekhar Rao will address people later today.

* News agency ANI reports that 19 roads across the state have been cleared for people coming in to attend the rally. There are special buses which are plying to bring in people.

* A total of 30 ambulances are on standby at the venue in case of any medical emergency. Huge LCD screns, sound systems and floodlights have also been placed at the venue.

* Even as TRS looks to highlight its achievements at the rally and could announce a number of sops. Rival parties too have come out to question the government with BJP's Ramchander Rao saying that electoral promises made remain unfulfilled. Even Congress'  V Hanumantha Rao flayed TRS for failing on a number of parameters like job creation.