Beware! 'Healthy' smoothies are as bad as Big Mac

Smoothies are just as nasty as a Big Mac, finds a new study.

Zee Media Bureau

Melbourne: Are you a smoothie lover? This piece of news might not please you if you are one of them.

Health experts are warning people to be wary of smoothies as a new study has found that some of them are just as nasty as a Big Mac.

According to a survey from government-funded health program LiveLighter, smoothies and frappes from Boost Juice, Gloria Jeans and McDonald's are some of the worst offenders, reports.

The study showed that Boost Juice's 'Brekkie to Go-Go Super smoothie' contains 2560kj, 500kj more than a Big Mac (2060kj) and 18 teaspoons of sugar.

The 'Protein Supreme' smoothie from Boost's Black Label range, which is marketed as premium smoothies with an abundance of nutrition, contains 2360kj and 12 teaspoons of sugar while The Gloria Jeans 'Mango Fruzie', marketed as '98 per cent fat free', contains 31 teaspoons of sugar and 2150kj.

McDonald's Large Bananaberry Bash smoothie is labelled '99 per cent fat free', but contains 17 teaspoons of sugar.

Nutritionist Dr Joanna McMillan said that the healthiest smoothies are those made at home with mostly vegetables and a small amount of fruit to sweeten.

She added, if anyone is planning to buy a smoothie, look for the kilojoule count, look at the ingredients and don't be bamboozled by trendy ingredients like coconut oil or coconut milk.

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