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ISIS executes three in mob for 'blasphemy' in Libya

Harrowing images of the executions were released online by the jihadis.

London: Savage extremists have killed the three men in a public execution for the crimes of banditry, blasphemy and apostasy in Libyan town of Sirte.

Harrowing images of the executions were released online by the jihadis.

The disturbing pictures show the killings along with images of jihadis whipping four other men who were punished for allegedly drinking alcohol, reports Daily Star.

The wicked jihadis said the men belonged to a militia loyal to Khalifa Haftar the UN backed Government General who is deeply hostile to Islamist forces.

A masked crowd watched the sickening executions in Sirte without protest.

The evil death cult has imposed the strict rules familiar to those used Raqqa its self styled Syrian capital.

Thousands of citizens have fled Sirte after the militants introduced regular beheadings and crucifixions in the town.

ISIS reportedly has a terrifying 3,000 fighters in the Libyan town.

The deranged terrorists aim to bring about the Antichrist and Armageddon which they are convinced will bring victory for Islamists.