Amala Paul on being thrown out of ‘VSP33'

A day after the makers of "VSP33" said Amala chose to exit the project due to date issues, she has released a statement to clarify things. 

Amala Paul on being thrown out of ‘VSP33' Pic Courtesy: Instagram

Chennai: Actor Amala Paul on Thursday revealed that she has been thrown out of upcoming Tamil film "VSP33" because the makers found her to be 'not production-friendly'.

A day after the makers of "VSP33" said Amala chose to exit the project due to date issues, she has released a statement to clarify things. They went on to replace Amala with Megha Akash.

"I am writing out of my great disappointment, as I have been thrown out of an ongoing movie, tentatively titled 'VSP33', stating a simple statement by the production that I am not production-friendly. 

"This statement has put me in great introspection whether I have been supportive or unsupportive to the production houses in my career," Amala said.

She further wrote that such an accusation has never been laid upon her during her decade-long career by any of her colleagues, peers or acquaintances in the film fraternity.

"I can recall, rather vividly, I have in fact lent my support to all my production houses whenever such a situation rose."

Quoting the example of the film "Bhaskar Oru Rascal", Amala said she helped the producer by letting go of a part of her salary. She said she even lent money to the producer when he couldn't meet his financial obligations at the time of movie's release.

For her upcoming Tamil release "Adho Andha Paravai Pola", Amala said she agreed to stay in a humble village home because the film was made on a strict budget. Recalling an incident on the film's set, she said that she suffered a ligament tear while performing an action sequence but still shot for over five hours than agreed upon earlier.

Amala also said she agreed to work on a lower salary cum profit sharing basis for the upcoming Tamil thriller "Aadai" and so far has only been paid the advance.

Amala said that she was in Mumbai shopping for clothes and styling her look for "VSP33" when its producer Rathinavaelu Kumar, out of the blue, sent her a message stating that he doesn't want her in the film as her demands and terms don't suit their project.

She went to add that the producer didn't even bother to call her before taking his decision and hastily threw her out of the project.

"VSP33", which will be directed by Venkata Krishna Rognath, stars Vijay Sethupathi in the lead. The film had its official launch ceremony last week.