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UK Prime Minister Theresa May to make 'new, bold offer' on Brexit bill, Labour Party sceptical

After failing three times to get parliament`s approval for her deal, the government will now put the Withdrawal Agreement Bill, legislation which will enact that deal, before parliament for a vote in early June.

May 19, 2019, 18:58 PM IST

Brexit talks over: UK Labour leader calls time on discussions with PM Theresa May

Corbyn said the Conservative Party`s moves towards selecting a new leader means the government has become "ever more unstable and its authority eroded” undermining confidence in the "government`s ability to deliver any compromise agreement". 

May 17, 2019, 15:29 PM IST

UK's Theresa May told to ditch Brexit talks with opposition Labour

Thirteen of May’s former cabinet colleagues as well as Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Committee of Conservative lawmakers, wrote to May to ask her not to agree Labour`s demand for a post-Brexit customs union with the EU. 

May 14, 2019, 15:21 PM IST

UK fears Brexit could hurt global hunt for new Bank of England governor

There is some speculation that among many, Raghuram Rajan's name may be doing the rounds.

Apr 14, 2019, 23:54 PM IST

Brexit delay better than no-deal outcome: International Monetary Fund IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde

"A no-deal Brexit would have been a terrible outcome."


Apr 12, 2019, 05:28 AM IST

Theresa May to meet Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron amid Brexit chaos

While May travels to Berlin and Paris ahead of an emergency EU summit in Brussels on Wednesday, British lawmakers will hold a 90-minute debate on her proposal to delay Britain`s EU departure date to June 30 from April 12. 


Apr 09, 2019, 05:15 AM IST

UK parliament approves Brexit law forcing Prime Minister Theresa May to consult on delay

Britain`s parliament approved legislation on Monday that gives lawmakers the power to scrutinise and even change Prime Minister Theresa May`s request that the European Union agree to delay Brexit until June 30.

Apr 09, 2019, 05:10 AM IST

Brexit delay law approved by UK's House of Commons

The legislation, put forward by opposition Labour lawmaker Yvette Cooper, was rushed through all of its stages in the House of Commons in less than six hours.

Apr 04, 2019, 07:20 AM IST

No-deal Brexit fears rise as parliament sinks British PM May's deal

Lawmakers rejected Prime Minister Theresa May`s Brexit deal for a third time on Friday, sounding its probable death knell and leaving Britain`s withdrawal from the European Union in turmoil on the very day it was supposed to quit the bloc. 

Mar 30, 2019, 07:59 AM IST

Death knell for Theresa May's Brexit deal as lawmakers reject it by 286 to 344

After a special sitting of parliament, lawmakers voted by 286 to 344 against May`s 585-page EU Withdrawal Agreement, agreed after two years of tortuous negotiations with the bloc. 

Mar 29, 2019, 20:20 PM IST

Factbox: Conservative lawmakers who have switched to back PM Theresa May's Brexit deal

Prime Minister Theresa May is considering bringing her twice-defeated Brexit deal back to parliament after some of its eurosceptic opponents indicated they could change their minds and back it amid fears another loss could mean Britain staying in the European Union.

Mar 28, 2019, 06:15 AM IST

Theresa May's offer to quit fails to break Britain's Brexit stalemate

British Prime Minister Theresa May failed to sway hardline opponents of her European Union divorce deal on Wednesday with an offer to quit, but parliament`s bid to agree an alternative fell short, leaving the Brexit process as deadlocked as ever.

Mar 28, 2019, 06:13 AM IST

Brexit multiple choice: How will UK Parliament's indicative votes work?

The options selected by the Speaker will be included on a ballot paper and lawmakers will be asked to vote "aye" or "noe" to each of them. They will be able to vote for as many of the proposals as they wish.

Mar 27, 2019, 07:27 AM IST

Unprecedented move: British lawmakers vote to seize control of Brexit process for a day

The move underlined to what extent UK PM Theresa May has lost her authority, although she said the government would not be bound by the results of the so-called indicative votes.

Mar 26, 2019, 06:00 AM IST

May in fight to retain grip on Brexit as parliament seeks control

British Prime Minister Theresa May was holding crisis talks with colleagues on Sunday in an effort to breathe life into her twice-defeated Brexit deal after reports that her cabinet was plotting to topple her.

Mar 25, 2019, 00:00 AM IST

UK economy dodges no-deal Brexit hit, for now

Carmakers have reduced expansion plans in Britain and many financial firms have set up operations in other EU countries. 

Mar 22, 2019, 20:58 PM IST

Returning to London, Britain's Theresa May faces mammoth task to change minds on Brexit

May secured a two-week reprieve to try to get the deal she negotiated in November.

Mar 22, 2019, 19:57 PM IST

EU ready to grant Brexit delay if UK parliament backs deal

The European Union could grant Britain`s request for a short Brexit delay if parliament votes next week in favour of a stalled departure deal, European Council President Donald Tusk said on Wednesday.

Mar 21, 2019, 13:36 PM IST

Under pressure, Britain's Theresa May scrambles to win support for Brexit deal

After parliament backed a move to delay Brexit, May still has only three days to win approval for her deal to leave the European Union if she wants to go to a summit with the bloc`s leaders on Thursday with something to offer them in return for more time.

Mar 17, 2019, 19:43 PM IST

British lawmakers overwhelmingly back Brexit delay

Lawmakers approved by 412 votes to 202 a statement setting out the option to request a short delay if a Brexit deal can be agreed by March 20 -- or a longer delay if no deal can be agreed in time.

Mar 15, 2019, 00:43 AM IST