Instagram testing wheel layout for ''Stories''

Instagram has not commented on the feature yet.

Instagram testing wheel layout for ''Stories''

San Francisco: Facebook-owned photo-messaging app Instagram is testing a selector wheel format to display filter options for `Stories` on its platform.

The semi-circular wheel of options was first spotted by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, who also highlighted that the test feature reduced the eight camera options to three, Social Media Today reported on Tuesday.

"Instagram is working on new `Stories` user-interface, inspired from mechanical circular mode switcher in DSLRs. Tabs reduced to just `Live`, `Normal` and `Create`," Wong tweeted.

`Stories` options like `Superzoom`, `Rewind` and `Stickers` have been re-arranged under the `Normal` and `Create` options, with `Live` retaining its own mode.

While the `Normal` option has captured modes and Augmented Reality (AR) tools, and `Create` hosts text and sticker tools.

"The new flow will mean that users may need to scroll around several times during their creation process to add all the effects, but the rounded selector does make it a little easier to do so, and looks like a helpful addition," the report said.

Specifications about the public availability of the selector wheel for `Stories` options remains unclear.

Instagram has not commented on the feature yet.

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