Bhojpuri actor Ritesh Pandey to star in 'Meri Jaan Tiranga'

It stars Shubhi Sharma in the lead. 

Bhojpuri actor Ritesh Pandey to star in 'Meri Jaan Tiranga'
Pic Courtesy: Movie Still

New Delhi: Bhojpuri singer-actor Ritesh Pandey will soon be enticing the audiences with a film laced with patriotic fervour titled 'Meri Jaan Tiranga'. The film has been presented by Rajesh Singh Raju under Shri Nath Productions. It has been made under the banner of Vir Pratap Films International. 

The film shoot is almost complete. Ritesh plays the lead in 'Meri Jaan Tiranga' where the actor will be seen kicking some butt. The patriotic feel of the film will keep the audiences entertained as he plays an honest cop. 

It stars Shubhi Sharma in the lead. The script has been written and directed by Lalit Shukla. The music has been composed by S Kumar and the songs are written by Rustam Ghayal. The action stunts are directed by Hira Yadav. 

Besides Ritesh Pandey, 'Meri Jaan Tiranga' features Shubhi Sharma, S Raj Sahni, Priyanka Pandit, Priyanka Maharaj, Archana Prajapati, Kunal Singh, Sanjay Pandey, Deepak Bhatia, Maya Yadav, Jai Singh, Sanjay Verma, Sveti Singh, Lal Dhari, Jassi Singh, Tripurari, Hira Yadav, DP Pandey, Dev Narayan , Brothers Khanna, Jai Singh, Arun Singh and Brijesh Tripathi.