Five ways to avail cheap airfare in 2016

Here are five ways to avail cheap airfare in 2016.

Five ways to avail cheap airfare in 2016

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New Delhi: Many of us must have at some point of time felt that we had to spend most of the cost of travelling on airfares. Travelling could be even more fun if you save those extra bucks on fares.

Here are five ways to avail cheap airfare in 2016.

Plan in advance

Nothing beats an advanced planning. Airlines mostly keep their prices low for a travel period which is few months away. If you can plan your trip in advance and book tickets accordingly, you will surely get a good deal.

Join frequent flyers forum

There are many perks for frequent flyers. Avail those. Some airlines give you discount on frequently flying while some give you points to redeem at one go. Make use of this forum and know how to make the most out of your rewards miles.

Sign up for alerts

Airlines or travel portals don't keep flashing discounts all the time. But you might miss a good deal if you are not aware of the ongoing deals. Sign up for alerts. So next time when there is a deal on cheaper flights you won't miss it.

Always check travel portals and compare prices

Are you one of those who directly approach the airlines or the website for booking tickets instantly? Try checking several portals and providers before booking air tickets. Sometimes, you get additional discounts on a particular website for booking tickets, which will be missing on the other website.

Carefully utilise your credit card

Credit card points and scores are sometimes very useful for flyers. Know what kind of reward your credit card provider gives you so that you can utilise it for your next flight.