Holi special : Know what colour represents each planet

The celestial planets are linked with vivid hues that hold an overriding narrative in their cosmic outlay!

Holi special : Know what colour represents each planet Image Courtesy: Pixabay Image

Just like a picture without the perfect scheme of colors can turn out to be bleak, the perfect labyrinth of colors can lead your life to perfect harmony, and bliss. Colors are a lot more than just tinges tallying to our senses. They give meaning to our life as well. What better occasion to discuss about the eminent presence of colors than Hindu festival of Holi?

Colors are not just to be visualized, rather felt. They evoke a medley of emotions, feelings, and in conjunction with stellar planets, impact our lives in peculiar ways. The celestial planets are linked with vivid hues that hold an overriding narrative in their cosmic outlay!

The navgrahas are mainstay in forming our life’s composition, and colors are like chords that if struck right, can bring immense positivity. India’s leading astrologer, and Vedic expert Dr Sundeep Kochar, tells us about the ruling planets, and their dominant colors. “The VIBGYOR manifests the prowess of planets in playing a distinctive role in your lives,” he says.

Dr Kochar elucidates the traditional significance, and meaning of planetary colors. According to him, each color marks an insight, and understanding about ourselves and others. Let’s take a look:

* Feeling blue? Saturn comes to the rescue

The color blue is for spirituality, and luck. Often associated with Saturn, the color will help usher luck, success in business and industry. Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs, hence black or blue should be their play-with colors, this Holi.

* White- The color of tranquility, the color of Moon!

White is a mixture of seven colors blended perfectly as one. The calming, soothing effect of white rips off maleic influences, and brings peace and happiness. For Cancer zodiac sign, white is the color as they are ruled by the Moon. The extract of lily, white-colored flowers, and plenty of water are their play-with, this Holi.

* Add some Jupiter’s color, Yellow!

“Instilling wisdom, warmth and cognitive stimulation, yellow is a color to be added to the palette this Holi,” says Dr Sundeep Kochar.

* Bursting in its view, Venus’s off white/ pink chromatic effect

Bringing with itself love, and luxuries, the off white/pink chromatic effect of Venus is allied with gulab jal which Taurus and Libra Zodiac signs should use this Holi, having Venus as their ruling planet.

* Take a shine to someone with Sun’s orange

With the strength of the Sun, orange will bring status, and vigor. People with Leo zodiac sign must use soaked saffron, sunflower and marigold flower to play Holi as they are ruled by the our solar system’s biggest star – Sun.

* Bring on the red with Mars!

The popular red color will make your season of festivities feisty, and energetic. Aries and Scorpions, with Mars as their ruling planet are recommended to use gulaal this Holi.

* Black and brown for shadow planets Rahu, Ketu!

Want to be casted with a positive shadow? Using black color this Holi will bring power, and states of sudden gains, whereas brown would glean better on your intuitive instinct, and spirituality.

The Holi, paint your loved ones with the right colors in hope of bringing positivity, and bliss. May this festival bring all benefic color influences to your life! Happy Holi!