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Astro Predictions: What does Year 2016 hold for you

Wondering what year 2016 holds for you? Check out these predictions for the year ahead. 

Astro Predictions: What does Year 2016 hold for you

Check out the predictions for year 2016 here:

Aries – 2016

According to planetary positions in 2016, this will be an interesting year for people born under the sign of Aries. Arians are independent and haughty in general. Arians need to choose their professional and personal decisions carefully. Decisions made in calm and collected manner will enable you to successfully face all challenges in this year.Romance, lady love or marriage is on the cards. For those who plan carefully and make logical decisions to venture in new businesses or change of jobs may find success in later part of the year. New business and partnership would be fruitful. The stars of your partner will affect you, and vice-versa, hence it is wise to match your compatibility before starting the partnership. Your intuition and inner voice will play a very vital role in your life this year. You would ultimately emerge as a winner out of all odds if you follow your heart and inner voice. Good year in general for Aries.

Taurus - 2016

Year 2016 promises a splendid start for Taureans during the first half, bringing lots of joy and happiness in the areas of love, travel, media relations, writing, courage and field of arts. Furthermore, the first half will begiving favorableresults in the field of speculative business, gambling and for those married with children will seea positive impact because of children and their growth. But be grounded and work sensibly and avoid taking things for granted.

The second half can lead to bit of stress and tensions at the work place, with family and loved ones.Be grounded andfocus on your diplomacy skills to win over your opponents. For those planning for long term business, it is better check with elders and dear ones for advice before taking a plunge.Family happiness and good health are prerequisite for having a good life and it is important to focus on those key aspects every day.

Overall it is a balanced year for your sign.

Gemini – 2016

The first half of the year will be filled with activities.This will be the perfect time for learning new work skills, hiring new employees and competing against rivals. You manage to take action in legal related matters.For some of you there will be strong desires to move residence to a foreign country.

 You need to be get disciplined and held back in your airy attitude. Be careful with Mother and relations with mother may have some minor tussles. Keep a healthy relationship with mother. Be prudent in your expendituresand spend within your means this year.You might feel like spending some alone time for spirituality and introspection. Yoga and meditation would be helpful with any sleep disorder, so start breathing right.

The second half of the year will be interesting and for some it will be matters related to the partnership, lady love and new businesses. People with lost love can find true meaning of love. The relationship will be strenuous but with lot of hardwork and sincerity you will have choicest of blessings. The second half for some of you will give you the mood to speculate and invest in stocks and speculative business. Be careful with investments, stock market and speculative businesses during this time. You will feel that all the hard work done in the past will provide you with positive results. It is still good to be grounded and take steps in calculative manner.

Cancer – 2016

The first half of the year will be fruitful in some areas of life. The first half you will be shining in areas that are favorable to you. For some, it will be time for expansion in business clients and networking. Investing in speculative business may not be a bad idea but invest with caution. For some of you should draw strength from communication, writing, arts, travel, sales, marketing and media and use to your advantage. This is time to draw courage and propose to your lady love as wedding bells will ring for those who are waiting to get married. You might have to work harder and longer to fulfill your goals. It is advisable to still have a control on the food you eat and curb your unnecessary enthusiasm. Patience is the key to your success!

From second half onwards for some of you, things will look positive solutions in resolving financial issues. Foreign travel and spiritual studies may prove fruitful. Try to be more sensitive and caring towards your father, teachers and gurus, as it will amplify your dharma.

Try to create harmony with mother and be careful when investing in Real Estate. This is time to introspect and be careful with your loved ones as you may cause some pain if you still carry on with your illusionary activities.It is better to meditate as peace with God will give the calmest of mind and will keep you in balance. For some be careful and control your expenditures during the latter part of the year. Those who ride the wave will surely make this year a successful year and will gain more in this year.

Leo - 2016

Leos the first year will be exciting again and hope it is carrying forward good things from the last year. Just start preparing for potential troubles that may come the way. For some, in the early half of the year will still need to deal with legal, debt and losses matters. However, this should change from the mid-year and should have positive outlook. It can also bring hot passionate romance that is known about Leon people as lady luck will be all over you. Be grounded and reign in your overly airy dominance and have patience in any purchases related to house, car, as well as behavior among and have patience in any purchases related to house, car and behavior within your family members. Patience which is dominant trait of Leo when in hunting mode should be the attitude to address these issues. Try not to take any short cuts in your career path, and remain focused and committed to your work.

As the year passes on, some of you will see in increase your worldly desires and income. You may become vocal and your domineering nature will be more prominent. You need to be careful be gentle with your loved ones and avoid creating unnecessary troubles to your opponents.

Overall 2016 promises abundant guidance and the forces will be assisting you to press the right buttons in having a comfortable path

Virgo – 2016

Virgo pull up your socks and get ready for battle that would test your patience and inner force at best, or you will be drown in the world of illusion and show extreme enthusiasm to achieve impossible goals. This year for some of Virgos will impact life pertaining to leadership, courage and purpose of your life, which should make this year prosperous. However, for some, the year can be turbulent and can be tough if planets are not aligned properly. It is good to be humble and take success and failure in same stride.

The first half of the year will be beneficial for some and will bring luck. Further for those who are married and with kids, will be fruitful and blissful.

Virgo being sign of perfectionist can always create tensions because of obstinate and obsession to being perfectionist.For some of you, be careful in expenses and it can be time for losses in speculative business. Better to seek for philosophical goals and it is time to focus on philosophical and spiritual matters. By the way, don’t be surprised if sudden love or marriage occurs for single Virgos.

Libra – 2016

Librans it is time to take your nature charm and diplomacy to use to full fore. The field of communication, art, music and anything related to creativity should act to your full advantage. Make sure you take full advantage of those skills set during this year. Your natural charm will be at its full force and you will be attracting lot of opposite sex. Be careful for those who are already in relationship.

However, be careful in not falling in the illusory trap of arrogance and luxury. You should be grounded and use your talents for better purpose and not for destructive purpose. It can create adverse results for those trying to take short cuts and trying to outdo law.

Scorpio 2016

2016 will be mixed year for Scorpios both on home front and in career. Be wary of relationship and put lot of efforts in maintaining harmony within family especially with regards to mother. It is time to bring you to travel away from your native land. Be prudent and careful when investing in real estates and land. However,through your communication you will able to articulate and win over your enemies and express yourself so that your loved ones will understand you and will give you support during these times. During the second half, for some of you will see beneficial results in all aspects of life: be it career or family and you will be seeing positive results for any professional matters with success. You can expect a sudden inflow of money during this period. Your social circles will increase giving you a chance to network with foreigners. Your siblings will make you proud with their rapid growth and success. Be a tad bit careful with your communications related to bosses and seniors. It is better to mediate and keep calm and be at peace.

Sagittarius 2016

2016 will begin on a roller coaster ride. Enjoy the ride and embrace for some stormy times ahead. For some January and February will see possibility of falling in romance or marriage is on cards. In general, this year will be full of activities. Build up all the energy that is needed as you have to capitalize and be ready for all situations that will arise this year. The year will be of sustaining and continual change and reformation and your luck should continue in the areas of banking, loans, partner’s money, settlement and etc. Your focus on spiritualism will continue this year and you may be visiting pilgrimage and charity. Be prepared for taking up more responsibilities and expect delays in matters concerning to finance. Ensure you give enough time to your relationships as it needs lot of nourishment and at times it can be daunting but all is well that ends well. Your health should be robust or in good shape and use these to your advantage.

Overall in 2016, your personality would have transformed further and it should be for positive good. Try to keep track of finances and expenditure as you may be focusing on many new fronts with lot of energy. There is possibility that you will be receiving benefits from overseas and travelling abroad. Peace, mediation and spiritual focus will always be beneficial and will help give positive results.

Capricorn – 2016

2016 should also be a year of good year for you and should bring much success and prosperity. Your career will be on full throttle by now for those who have put lot of hard work. Ideally all your disputes should be resolved and your love life should be steady and in all you will have a balanced approach to life. you. Your career evolves, disputes dissolve, love soars and you may well be united with your soul mate this year. Friends and family shower you with love and appreciation. Investments in trade and the foreign sector power your future. Ensure to treat all small health problems to avoid future complications in matters pertaining to health.

Keep working on your communication skills as this will bring harmony with those around you. Your children if you are married will always bring you joy and pride and this should continue to do so. Ensure you spend enough time with them and nourish them with your structure, discipline and organizing skills. These are your strengths and impart these skills to them

Your positive outlook will attract new people and networking with new people should be rewarding. Be careful and not be gullible or take cautious steps in trusting new people especially if it is related to financial matters. Investments in real estate will be rewarding but again be careful and do not speculate as this is not your trait.

This year should be the year to develop new skills and venture into new areas. Be careful and your direct and blunt approach may develop cracks in the relationships and can hurt especially the near and dear ones who are close to you.

Aquarius -2016

The first half of the year cupid will be striking you hard and you will be floating in air with regards to love and romance. As you are a natural flirter, be careful and be grounded. Those waiting to get married, this period will be ideal and you should look forward to begin your new journey in high spirits. The first half will be exciting for those party animals and you will be attending lot of social events. Your will see fruits of labor in your career if you have worked hard and have shown proper dedication to it. Students taking competitive exams will come in flying colors if you have put enough efforts towards the preparation.

The key to success this year is to get yourself organized which itself is an onerous taste. However, with proper planning and preparation you can achieve your goals and you can win against all odds.

This year there is no shortcut to your success. Be careful with friends as they may turn hostile and better be on your guard. It is also a year where you will find true nature of your friends.

Venus keeps your mind buzzing with creative ideas. Your sources of income increase. Your partner understands and supports you. Family relations bloom with great bonding. All you have to do is be diplomatic at work.

Pisces – 2016

2016 should be year to focus on previous efforts and tune in to reality. The first half will be drawing towards spirituality and you will be focusing on stronger spiritual awareness. This is time you focus on learning and communication skills. Your spiritual energy will bring positive change in you and so will your reputation soars and you will get results due to your past efforts. Your partner will give you lot of support and courage to face all challenges. The second half of the year will be packed with events, so get a good organizer to get organized. You can expect victory and immense prosperity in 2016. Your children will give you immense pleasure and you may even expand your family by having more children. Your luck and creative energy will be shining for those in the field of entertainment, sports and or any speculative business. This is time for actors, creative artist and public speakers. Be careful with finance related matters as you may find your luck pretty good in field of finance and may invest blindly without doing any proper due diligence. You may develop a very strong bond with father and teachers during this period. Stay calm, meditate and focus on great things as you are on to something big.

Important: These are all general predictions, for individualist readings you should get your horoscope read by an able astrologer. Good Luck & God Bless !!

Dr. Sundeep Kochar is a celebrity astrologer. He can be reached at