Birthday special: Check out Emraan Hashmi's best songs that will reign forever!

Emraan Hashmi's best songs that will reign forever.

Birthday special: Check out Emraan Hashmi's best songs that will reign forever!

New Delhi: There is something attractive about the 'serial kisser' of the film industry that we just can't get enough of him. The 'Hamari Adhuri Kahani' star turned 37 today! Hashmi entered the film Industry way back in 2002 as an assistant director for 'Raaz'. Thereafter, he marked his debut in Vikram Bhatt's directorial venture 'Footpath' and rose to fame in 2004 thriller 'Murder'.

The actor has changed the critics and masses perspective of being more than just a serial kisser stereotype, with his spectacular performance in movies like Shanghai, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, Ek Thi Daayan, The Dirty Picture, etc.

Though his every movie might not be a blockbuster but the songs definitely compensate for it good enough. It was hard to come up with just ten best songs from the Birthday boy's movies, still we have tried filtering out the best for you:

'Kaho na kaho' to that special one!

This song is still close to every heart and especially it's Arabic lyrics is an icing on the cake. We believe that Hashmi has changed the 'DDLJ' way of expressing love, with this song 'Kaho na kaho... yeh aankhen bolti hain, O sanam o sanam'!

Reminiscence it with 'Woh Lamhe'!

This song will take you back to the most cherished time of your life, which one always misses after it becomes a history. Beautifully sung by Atif Aslam, the song will take back you to the days of 'Wo bheegi bheegi yaadein...!'

Simply say it 'Tu hi meri shab hai'!

Emraan Hashmi has set a perfect example of portraying an apt romantic song with a guitar for that special girl in the flick 'Gangster'. Since then, it has become a trend to do it Hashmi way.

So guys get ready with that guitar to express 'Tu hi meri shab hai subha hai... Tu hi meri duniya!

Feel the pain 'Juda hoke bhi'!

Feel the pain of separation with this song which is sadly an integral part of our life. Reminiscence your loved ones with this song 'Juda Hoke Bhi tu mujh mein kahi baaki hai... Palkon mein banke aansu tu chali aati hai'. 

Go express out with 'Tum Mile'!

Emraan Hashmi taught us the new way to go out and frankly express your love for that special one with this beautiful song 'Tum mile toh mil gaya yeh jahaan... Tum mile toh maine paaya… hai Khuda'!  

Hail the Aashiqui anthem 'Aashiq Banaya Aapne'!

Well, the song says it all. We can never forget this epic song sung by none other than Himesh Reshammiya that took the nation by a storm.

Relive the days of Ashiqui with 'Ooooo..... Aashiq Banaya Aapne'!

Try it in 80's style with 'Pee Loon'!

This ever-romantic song by Mohit Chauhan definitely skips a beat in every heart. Simply do it gracefully like the 80's style 'Tere Sang Ishq Taari Hai... Tere Sang Ik Khumari Hai'!

Soul-stirring 'Jo bhi thi dua'!

We often feel helpless regarding various flaws in our day-to-day lives and even in the movie the unresolved state of corruption is justly portrayed in the mentioned song. There are days when we simply feel 'Jo bheji thi dua, woh jaake aasmaan se yun takra gayi... ki aa gayi woh jaake aasmaan se yun takra gayi... ki aa gayi hai laut ke sadaa'.laut ke sadaa'.

But remember there is always a silver lining!

Express it like 'Chup Chup Ke'!

Set your love on fire with this cute peppy track. We are sure of the fact that the girl won't deny, but say yes!

Simply steal her heart away with that adorable expression- 'Kahin ye tere dil se to chup chup ke milta nahi... nahin toh mere seene se ye dil nikalta nahi'!

Bring that wide smile with 'Haan hasi ban gaye'!

This romantic track from Emraan Hashmi's recent flick is on everyone's lip. So if you are trying to bring that ear-to-ear smile back on someone's special face, then simply try it with 'Haan hasi ban gaye... haan nami ban gaye'!

We wish Emraan Hashmi a very Happy Birthday and Happy Holi... We really want more of your talent!