Keisha Buchanan wants to get married soon

London, Oct 13: Singer Keisha Buchanan from the girl group Sugababes wants to get married soon and is asking friends to help get boyfriend Dean Thomas to propose to her.

"Can you girls get him to ask me, please? Where is my ring? I think he should hurry up and ask me to marry him, he hasn`t yet. We moved in together and it`s the best thing I`ve done. I`m so happy," Keisha was quoted as saying in

She also has a tattoo to celebrate her love.

She said: "I had `Love` tattooed on my wrist and he is going to get the same on his hand so that we are matching. I didn`t like it at first, but I think it`s cute that he is getting it done, too - and he`s scared of needles."


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