Vanessa Paradis was happy playing `ugly` character

Washington: Vanessa Paradis has revealed that she loved playing of character of an obsessive mother named ‘Jacqueline’, who doesn’t rely on her looks, in her new movie ‘Cafe De Flore’.

The 39-year-old actress who has two children, Lily-Rose and Jack, with partner Johnny Depp admitted that she also found it interesting to play a character who has nothing.

‘‘This woman is rough but everything she does is out of pure love. There’s no seduction, no femininity in the character. The hair, the shoes, the outfits all played a big part in it, they’re quite ugly,’’ a website has quoted her as telling a magazine.

‘‘For the first time I got to play someone who is so far away from myself. I haven’t done many movies and this was so exciting because Jacqueline has nothing in life - no husband, no money, no friends, no family - so the love she has for her little boy is everything.”

“She doesn’t want to give up on him as society wants her to. She’s very brave but is also a monster of love and fear,’’ she added.