Amid 'very poor' air quality, DDMA allows standing passengers in Delhi Metro, buses

In its order, DDMA said that 30 standing passengers will be allowed in each Delhi Metro train coach. In Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) and Cluster buses, the maximum number of standing passengers allowed to travel will be 50 per cent of the seating capacity.

Amid 'very poor' air quality, DDMA allows standing passengers in Delhi Metro, buses

New Delhi: Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) has allowed 30 standing commuters per coach in Delhi Metro and standing passengers upto 50 per cent of seating capacity in intra-state buses, as per an order issued by the body.

Both mediums are running on 100 per cent seating capacity. "In view of the prevailing air pollution situation in NCT of Delhi, it has been felt to augment the carrying capacity of public transport system (buses/ Delhi Metro) so as to minimize the use of private vehicles in order to improve the ambient air quality of the city," the order reads.

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"Now, therefore, in partial modification of Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) Order No. 488 dated 15.11 .2021 with regard to prohibited/restricted activities in NCT of Delhi w.e.f.intervening night of 15 November 2021 and 15 November 2021 (00:00 hrs) till intervening night of 30 November 2021 and 1 December 2021 (00:00 hrs) or till further orders, the undersigned, in his capacity as Chairperson, State Executive Committee, DDMA, GNCTD in the exercise of powers conferred under Section 22 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005, hereby modifies clause 2 (vii) & (viii) of Annexure-A of the said order as under:Clause 2(vii): Transportation by Delhi Metro shall be allowed with 100% seating capacity of the coach along with upto 30 standing passengers in a coach in Delhi Metro. Clause 2(viii): Transportation by buses: Intra-State (within NCT of Delhi) movement of buses (OTC as well as Cluster) shall be permitted with 100% seating capacity of the buses along with standing passengers upto 50% of the seating capacity of a bus," it added.

In the case of buses, boarding will be allowed only from the rear door while de-boarding shall be allowed only from the front door. The Transport Department, Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) have been instructed to ensure compliance with COVID-19 protocols. 

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