Indian Army uses Bofors guns to silence Pakistan's BAT across LoC

Tensions along the Line of Control has increased in recent days with Pakistan violating the ceasefire repeatedly. 

The Indian Army recently - and after a considerable period of time - made use of Bofors artillery guns to unhinge the nefarious designs of Pakistan's Border Action Team (BAT).

The guns were brought into use on July 31 and August 1 when the Indian forces hit back against BAT squads trying to infiltrate Indian territory. The attempts had been made in the Keran Sector of Jammu and Kashmir. It is reported that while at least five Pakistani soldiers were killed, the Bofors guns were also used to target BAT posts giving their personnel covering fire. As many as five attempts made by BAT teams to enter Indian territory were foiled.

Tensions along the Line of Control has increased in recent days with Pakistan violating the ceasefire repeatedly. Sources have revealed that while BAT commandos were attempting to cross into the Keran Sector in their attempts at possibly targeting Indian positions here, the return fire was unforgiving and such that the personnel from across the LoC had to beat a hasty retreat. It is suspected that among the Pakistani security personnel were also several terrorists. "Security forces will continue to respond to all nefarious activities along the LoC," the Northern Command had said in a statement.

Pakistan's most-recent attempts at disrupting peace and order in Jammu and Kashmir comes in the backdrop of the firm and affirmative action taken by Indian agencies to check terror as well as terror funding. Separatists in Jammu and Kashmir too have had it tough over the past several months and continue to remain under radar.

With such prevailing situations, Pakistan has resorted to violating ceasefire by indulging in unprovoked firing. Indian forces have retaliated severely and the use of Bofors artillery guns in the recent past points to the fact that the disruptive messages from across the LoC would only be met with an even more scorching response.

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