Premium Pet House Announces The Acquisition Of BestForPets To Reach More Canine Lovers Across India

The acquisition is aimed at helping Indians purchase healthy puppies for sale in India.

Premium Pet House Announces The Acquisition Of BestForPets To Reach More Canine Lovers Across India

Indians have always been known for their love for dogs. From feeding stray dogs every day to parenting dogs like children, the country possesses unconditional love for the animals. With the number of pet dogs in India estimated to be 31 million by the end of 2023, it is safe to say that this relationship of love and loyalty is not ending soon. While a large section of the Indian population embarks on the journey of becoming first-time pet parents, many pet owners prefer nurturing different dog breeds throughout their lives.

Acknowledging this love for dogs and willing to leverage it, Premium Pet House acquires BestForPets. Premium Pet House is a team of dog breeders in India who breed and sell dogs ethically. It sells a variety of puppies within and outside the country. BestForPets is a popular online portal that carries valuable information about pet products, pet prices, supplies, and more. It also recommends visitors suitable products depending on their needs and preferences. By acquiring BestForPets, Premium Pet House is looking forward to expanding its sales while helping its clients make informed decisions.

Premium Pet House has become a popular name in the industry by breeding, selling, and hosteling dogs for several years. It caters to clients living in tier 1 and 2 Indian cities, selling them a variety of dog breeds, including Labrador, Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, Pug, Cocker Spaniel, Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu, etc. The team of canine professionals and dog breeders is also known to conduct health checks on every farm, ensuring that the puppies are free from health complications. Apart from Indian clients, Premium Pet House caters to dog lovers living in countries like the USA, Maldives, and Nepal.

BestForPets, the venture acquired by Premium Pet House, is an online portal visited by thousands of pet lovers every day. From the prices of different pets to the products suited for them, BestForPets provides internet users with all the information they need before getting themselves a furry friend. Along with dogs, BestForPets also provides information regarding other pets like cats and birds. After being acquired by Premium Pet House, it has also become a platform showcasing puppies for sale in India. However, it will remain a source of valuable and verified information for existing and aspiring pet parents across the country.

With the BestForPets acquisition, Premium Pet House intends its clients to obtain detailed and reliable information about pets from a single platform, helping them make informed decisions. Apart from breeding and selling puppies, the organization also offers dog hosteling services to its clients. These services involve professionals hosting and feeding puppies while their parents are out of town. As not many pet owners are aware of these services, the BestForPets acquisition will give Premium Pet House a platform to spread this information far and wide.

In India, price always plays a major role when it comes to purchasing pets, especially puppies. People often think twice before bringing their favorite dogs home as they are unsure about the maintenance costs. Apart from the cost of buying a puppy, becoming a pet parent involves several expenses one needs to meet throughout their pet’s life. Understanding the financial hassles involved in purchasing puppies, Premium Pet House will now use BestForPets to give its clients complete information about the prices of all its puppies. The reputed platform will now display all the latest price-related information about all of Premium Pet House’s puppies for sale in India.

By acquiring BestForPets, Premium Pet House also aims to make their existing and potential clients responsible pet parents. Breeding and selling over 40 Indian and international dog breeds, the organization eliminates middlemen from its supply chain to keep the selling prices of its puppies as low as possible. The acquisition will allow Premium Pet House to inform its audience about these affordable prices through the medium of BestForPets. The portal will also be used to inform internet users about the feeding, training, grooming, and other related costs associated with maintaining specific breeds of dogs. Moreover, the portal will guide pet parents in meeting vet expenses for different dog breeds. Disseminating this information will let Premium Pet House help its clients manage their budgets before and after purchasing pets.

Premium Pet House’s other major intention behind acquiring BestForPets is to expand its reach. The organization aims to reach every pet parent and canine lover across India. Acquiring a popular portal like BestForPets will help it combine its expertise with the information therein, bringing a wider audience to consume its content. With this, Premium Pet House intends to prevent its target audience from receiving incorrect or deceptive information on the internet.

Shivling Giri, the founder of Premium Pet House, wants the acquisition to bring every bit of valuable information regarding pets to his clients’ fingertips. He says, “Living in the digital age, it is important to receive accurate information about everything that matters. We understand the love an individual has for their pet and want them to have access to a treasure trove of insights, facts, and pet prices by visiting a single website. From purchasing puppies and their supplies to knowing different breeds and comparing prices, Premium Pet House’s acquisition of BestForPets is bound to make things easier for the growing community of pet parents in India.”



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