British woman, sold as sex slave in Greece, was `raped by 110 men in 22 hours`

Her holiday to Greece turned into a dreaded nightmare.

British woman, sold as sex slave in Greece, was `raped by 110 men in 22 hours`

Athens: Her holiday to Greece turned into a dreaded nightmare. At the age of 14, Megan Stephens (not her real name) had gone to a seaside town in Greece with her mother on a holiday; hardly she knew how horrifying the trip would turn out to be.

The Briton was sold as a sex slave and continued to work as a prostitute for six years before her escape in 2009.

In a memoir of her heart-stopping experiences - Bought & Sold - Stephens, 25, recalled how she was regularly made to sleep with up to 50 men a day. Once, she was forced to have sex with 110 men in 22 hours.

Bought and sold by many traffickers, Stephens was forced to work on the street and in brothels.

Recalling that during her holiday, Stephens met an Albanian man called Jak, 22, in a Greek bar. At that time, she was 'desperate to be loved'. Her mother did not like Jak much, but still permitted her daughter to spend time with him, as she was busy enjoying with a bar owner called Nikos.

When the duration of their holiday ended, Stephens convinced her mother to let her stay with Jak, reports The Daily Mail.

Jak told Stephens that his mother had thyroid cancer and that he did not have enough money to pay her medical bills.

He then convinced her to take a job dancing in a topless bar, so that he could raise money for his mother's surgery.

Later, the man sold Stephens to a pimp named Leon. When resisted, she was beaten by Jak and was not allowed to talk to her family.

The British girl was pushed into working in a brothel where men paid GBP 20 for five minutes with her. On one occasion, she had sex with 110 men in a single 22-hour shift, reports The Daily Mail.

She later contracted syphilis.

She managed to escape the sex traffickers after she attempted to commit suicide at the age of 20. The hospital staff then reunited her with her mother.

Stephens returned to the UK and is now pregnant with her partner's baby.

Stephens is, however, still afraid and cautious. “Jak has tried to contact me and my family through social media, trying to ask people where I am. He still frightens me.”

She now looks forward to setting up a charity to help other sex trafficking victims.