Kuwait recalls envoy from Tehran following spat

Kuwait has recalled its envoy to Iran.

Tehran: Kuwait has recalled its envoy to Iran over attacks on Saudi diplomatic missions in the Islamic Republic.

The announcement made by Kuwait, however, did not elaborate on how the diplomatic ties between both nations would be affected.

The move comes after Saudi Arabia, followed by Bahrain and Sudan, partially downgraded its relations with Iran after protesters attacked the Saudi Embassy in Tehran and its consulate in Mashhad following the kingdom's execution of a top Shia cleric, the Dawn reports.

Tiny Kuwait is home to both Shias and Sunnis living in peace and has the most free-wheeling political system among all the Gulf nations.

Tehran has accused Saudi Arabia of using the embassy attack as a pretext to fuel tensions.

Earlier last week, Saudi Arabia executed 47 people, most of whom were convicted of al Qaeda attacks.