Cara Delevingne says she's the 'luckiest girl'

"It's a really big deal to me," she shared. "Especially since I think Girl Up is such an amazing organisation."

Cara Delevingne says she's the 'luckiest girl'

Los Angeles: Model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne feels that she is the "luckiest girl in the world", thanks to her girlfriend Ashley Benson.

Delevingne, who was honoured with the 2019 Girl Up #GirlHero Award in Beverly Hills on Sunday night, couldn't help but praise her girlfriend.

"It's so nice to have someone in my life that supports me so much and loves me," the 27-year-old told E! News. "I'm the luckiest girl in the world."

Girl Up -- an organisation that promotes leadership in women in developing countries -- awarded Delevingne for her advocacy in the LGBTQ community.

"It's a really big deal to me," she shared. "Especially since I think Girl Up is such an amazing organisation."

When asked what advice she would give to those struggling with their identity, Delevingne said to stand proud.

"Just knowing that everyone has that same trouble," she said. "I mean, some people find it easier, but everyone's gone through that kind of second thinking, like 'Am I really? Should I? How do I?'"

"It's a really difficult time and place to be in," she continued. "But at the end of the day, if you love yourself, you need to honour yourself in being able to speak out and being confident in who you are."

It's words she, too, has followed.

"That's the only way you'll ever be able to find your family," Delevingne said.

"You know, we all have our family who we're born with, but we all find our family, like our tribe, where we belong. So, the only way you'll do that is by being honest. And even if you don't get it right, even if you find out you identify one way but then you switch to another, it doesn't matter. It's not something that's meant to be fixed. It's fluid."


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