We need eco-friendly urbanisation: Kangana Ranaut

The actress has donated Rs 42 lakh to the Cauvery Calling campaign of the Isha Foundation. 

We need eco-friendly urbanisation: Kangana Ranaut Pic Courtesy: Yogen Shah

Mumbai: Actress Kangana Ranaut addressed the issue of climate change and said that it is certainly not a favourite topic of discussion among people who support industrialisation. Although she is not against development, she emphasised on every practice that is eco-friendly.

"It (climate change) is not a favourite topic for those people who are pro-industrialisation because it goes against them. Urbanisation and building roads, and industry, surely create job opportunity that offers a great life, huge money and happiness for many, but how long will we be able to sustain them? We need eco-friendly development," Kangana told IANS.

Citing an example of how, at weddings and other big celebrations, people leave a huge pile of garbage and waste, the actress said: "If someone can splurge money to celebrate, why can't they decompose the waste so that nature is not harmed. They have money and man power (but) what they do not have is sensibility. I think we need to practice innovative ideas that are eco-friendly."

The actress has donated Rs 42 lakh to the Cauvery Calling campaign of the Isha Foundation. It is a 12 years campaign to plant one lakh tree on the Cauvery basin. She mentioned how protecting full-grown trees is important because this increases the amount of oxygen in the air.

"Many times we cut down old trees as per our convenience. What we do not understand is those big trees take 12 years to become fullgrown. If we are not constantly planting trees and protecting the old ones, the oxygen count in the air falls down. We are breathing polluted air, in any case," said Kangana.

The Cauvery flows through two states -- Tamil Nadu and Karnataka -- and the campaign aims at revitalising the dying river.