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Bigg Boss 11, Day 94 written updates: Akash Dadlani and Vikas Gupta out of the ticket to finale race

Reality TV show Bigg Boss is hosted by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.

Bigg Boss 11, Day 94 written updates: Akash Dadlani and Vikas Gupta out of the ticket to finale race

New Delhi: Bigg Boss season 11 has seen a lot of twists and turns. As the show inching closer to the finale, we are glued to our television sets, everyday, wondering what would happen next! 

Yesterday, we were introduced to the task that would lead the winning contestants to ticket to Finale week. The house lawn was converted in a snow mountain and inmates had to rely on each other for winning the task.

In today's episode, we saw how Vikas got upset when he lost two points, feeling that the inmates were sidelining him in the task. Hina and Shilpa were united and wanted to cast Akash out of the game before everyone else.

On day 94, the task continued and the contestants began planning and plotting the moment they woke up. 

The first round of the task ended Akash and Shilpa were at bottom two. Hence, Hina decided to take one point each from the two. With this, Akash was the first one to be out of the task, causing much delight to Hina as well as Shilpa. 

Round two began and this time, Vikas was the one who lost a point, which was his last one, thereby, meaning the end of his ticket to finale journey. 

The third round was the most interesting one as Hina and Shilpa played in a team, against Luv and Puneesh. This was the commoners Vs celebrities  moment in the house and all four players tried their best to win. 

Luv was standing in front of Hina and got into an argument with her during the task. This came as a shock as Luv and Hina are known for their friendship inside the house. Luv was having Puneesh's bag and Hina did her best to empty it. 

At the end of round 3, Hina lost a point. which delighted Akash. Once the round ended, Hina, Luv, and Puneesh stood at the door and engaged in a war of words. Luv and Puneesh were on one side and Hina was arguing with the duo. She called Luv 'Darpok' and the latter chose to stay quiet and walk away. 

Well, we do know that equations change fast in the Bigg Boss house but can one task end a 13-week long friendship? Only time shall reveal!

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