Bigg Boss 16 Day 94 written updates: Abdu becomes new captain, Archana and MC Stan get into a MASSIVE fight over house duties

Abdu Rozik becomes new captain of the house. MC Stan and Archana get into a big argument over house duties and cleanliness.

Bigg Boss 16 Day 94 written updates: Abdu becomes new captain, Archana and MC Stan get into a MASSIVE fight over house duties

New Delhi: It’s another day at Bigg Boss house and we are back with the updates. The episode begins with Shalin and Tina sharing a cute moment. While making the breakfast, Archana takes a jibe at Tina and says that she was busy romancing Shalin.  

Tina gets furious and says if you hug your friends, it doesn’t mean you are romancing. She then says are you and Soundarya in love if you hug each other? Soundarya too gets furious at this. Soundarya and Archana then discuss about Tina and Shalin’s relationship.  

Bigg Boss then asks everyone to assemble and announces the game for captaincy. Priyanka, Abdu, Nimrit and MC Stan are not nominated, hence, can participate in the race for captaincy. Remaining contestants will catch the ball and whoever, catches the ball can keep it in one of the contenders' baskets. However, the contenders can snatch the other contenders' balls after the task is over. Sajid is the moderator of the task. 

Sajid and Priyanka get into an argument when he asks her to not sit in the basket and says Abdu has the disadvantage of height. Tina plans to make Priyanka the next captain with Shalin and gets into an argument with Sajid when he says they are cheating. Sajid and Tina get into an ugly fight and he says he will support his friends.  

At the end of the task, Abdu has maximum balls in his basket and becomes the new captain. Meanwhile, Archana and MC Stan get into a big fight over house duties. MC Stan tries to mimic Archana’s behaviour and she gets furious and starts yelling at her. She looks into the camera and says to MC Stan’s fans that he doesn’t clean the house. He says I am not your father’s servant. She says Bigg Boss is her father. MC Stan then says what’s going on between your mother and Bigg Boss and she gets extremely angry at this. 

Nimrit says she is doing this on purpose for footage. Sajid tries to resolve things. Soundarya tries to console Archana who starts crying over it. 

MC Stan refuses to eat food, however, his friends ask him to eat. Archana says to Soundarya that tomorrow food will be cooked only if the washrooms are clean. MC Stan says he wants to exit voluntarily.

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